Rinaldi's Communicating Room

Antonio Rinaldi
RINALDI'S COMMUNICATING ROOM is a small space between the Antechamber and the White Hall. The room vault is decorated with subtle moulds. The walls are ornamented with doorways having frames made of yellow imitation marble. Immured in a wall is an oval marble bas-relief showing a portrait of the palace first architect Antonio Rinaldi by Fedot Shubin.

The White Hall

The White Hall. Designed by A. Rinaldi (1770s) and V. Brenna (1790s). Water-colour by E. Hau. 1880 The inspired creation of Antonio Rinaldi and Vincenzo Brenna, THE WHITE HALL was notable among the late 18th-century state apartments of the palace for its central location, imposing size and the immaculate finish of the decor. The rhythmic pattern of arches and glazed doors opening on the wide balcony, the graceful arched lines articulating the paired Corinthian pilasters of the opposite wall and echoed in the sopraporta outlines, the refined colour scheme of the huge painted plafond, the inlaid parquetry and the door leaves, and the elegant casings of white-streaked reddish imitation marble combined to produce a strikingly decorative effect. The remarkable moulded decor with its lovely compositions and daintily fashioned wreaths, garlands and fruit invariably evoked admiration. The walls were adorned with antique and contemporary Italian reliefs on mythological subjects. In perfect accord with the architecture of the hall was the arrangement along its perimeter of statues and busts by ancient as well as contemporary Italian and French sculptors.
A. Elkina, N. Tretyakov

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