The Picture Hall

The Picture Hall. Designed by V. Brenïà (1790s). Water-colour by E. Hau, 1880 THE PICTURE HALL located between the White Hall and the Green Corner Room took shape in the 1770s as designed by Antonio Rinaldi. The hall was initially called the Chinese Room since a Chinese art motif and genuine Oriental pieces dating to the 18th century were used for decoration. In 1790s V. Brenna turned the Chinese Room into the Picture Hall and a collection of the 17th and 18th-century West-European paintings was put on the walls upholstered with crimson cloth. The collection contained mainly landscapes, domestic life scenes and pictures on mythological and biblical subjects. A throne seat for the Empress was installed in the Picture Hall on Paul I's orders in 1797. The room served as a Throne Hall but for a short time, though the decor remained unchanged till 1941.

The Crimson Drawing Room

The Crimson Drawing Room. Designed by V. Brenna (1790s). Water-colour by L. Premazzi, 1872 THE CRIMSON DRAWING ROOM, the most ornate interior of the Gatchina Palace, owes its name to the three large superb Gobelin tapestries of the Don Quixote series woven at the renowned French factory in 1776 and 1780. In harmony with the ground colour of tapestries was the exquisite gilt carved furniture upholstered in cherry-red velvet. The interior was remarkable for the splendour of its colour scheme. V. Brenna generously used gilt on the stucco frieze, cornice, acanthus scrolls of the straight cove and in the decorative pattern on the plafond. The drawing room stands out for its refined moulded and carved ornaments. Gilded bronze candelabra of Russian make of the late 18th century fashioned as vases with bouquets of lilies completed the decor.
A. Elkina, N. Tretyakov

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