The Arsenal Block Drawing Room

(1858). Water-colour by E. Hau, 1874 THE DRAWING ROOM on the ground floor of the Arsenal Block was designed in 1858 with sandy tones predominant in its colour scheme. The delicately moulded sprouts on the vault were set off beautifully by the pale yellowish ground. The main decorative feature of the interior were paintings in gilded frames. In those years Alexander II would often come to Gatchina on his hunting outings which, indeed, determined the choice of ornamental pieces: stuffed beasts placed over the door, G. Grooth's painting of a hound set into the fireplace screen and a bear-skin spread on the floor. The upholstered quilted furniture came from the renowned workshop of A. Tour. The room is an interesting specimen of mid-nineteenth-century palace apartments illustrating the abandonment of traditional principles of decorating palace interiors in favour of middle-class ideas of comfort and cosiness.

The Arsenal Hall. The Nicolas I's War Chamber

The Arsenal Hall
The Arsenal Hall
The Nicolas I's War Chamber. Water-colour by E. Hau. 1862
The Nicolas I's War Chamber

A. Elkina, N. Tretyakov
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