The Late 18th-century Private Apartments

THE LATE 18TH-CENTURY PRIVATE APARTMENTS. The end section of the main block houses living rooms arranged on the ground floor with a terrace overlooking the Private Garden. The rooms retained A. Rinaldi's layout and V. Brenna's decor and furnishings. The doors, wainscots, window and door casings, window bars and the parquet floors were made of oak.

In the early 19th century Andrey Voronikhin coated the walls, coffers and ceilings with tinted stucco and polychrome ornamental painting thus lending all the private apartments a holiday air.

The Tower Chamber of the Private Apartments

The Tower Chamber of the Private Apartments. Designed by A. Rinaldi (1770s), V. Brenna (1790s) and A. Voronikhin (early 19th century). Water-colour by E. Hau, 1878 THE TOWER CHAMBER. The pentagonal tower dictated the chamber shape. This 25 sq. room was visually enlarged due to a wall-height rectangular mirror set over the marble mantelpiece opposite the entrance to reflect the unusual room shape and build up additional effects. Each wall hemmed with painted ornaments was filled up with gilt-framed canvases of the 17th-18th centuries. The case of drawers carried amber and ivory items. The fireplace was screened with a mahogany stanchion incorporating painted milk glass made by Heinrich Gambs in St Petersburg in 1794. The low cases with door patterns imitating those of the wainscots held a most curious selection of the 18th-century books on various subjects as well as manuscripts and maps of Gatchina and other places of Russia.

A. Elkina, N. Tretyakov

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