The Antechamber

The Antechamber. Designed by A. Rinaldi (late 1770s) and V. Brenna (1790s). Water-colour by E. Hau, 1878 THE ANTECHAMBER is the first ceremonial hall opening the main floor suite of rooms. This was the place where court guards were relieved and courtiers waited to be received by the sovereign. Vincenzo Brenna commissioned to remodel the room retained the best features of the original design by Antonio Kinaldi: a striking parquet pattern inlaid as two huge palmettoes radiating from the centre and taking up nearly the entire floor space and the doors with door-cases made from fancy design plates of pinkish shaped imitation marble. With due account for the purpose and arrangement of the Antechamber, Brenna decorated the pale pistachio-coloured walls with austere moulded frames of interlacing i ings, trimmed the vault with oak-leaf garlands and Roman Helmets and introduced expressive moulded details with war glory symbols into the ceiling ornament. The decor of the room reopened to public in 1985 was minutely restored upon careful investigation of the archives, remains and analogies found in other buildings constructed by A. Rinaldi and V. Brenna. Restoration was authored by Mikhail Plotnikov, an architect of the Restavrutor Research and Production Association.

The Marble Dining Room

The Marble Dining Room. Designed by V. Brenna (1790s). Water-colour by E. Hau, 1880 THE MARBLE DINING ROOM is adjacent to the Antechamber and the Throne Hall. This majestic hall was created by Vincenzo Brenna in the classical style. The columns of the Corinthian order, the bas-reliefs on mythological subjects and decorative patterns were done à Ã antique. The plafond insets, the inlaid door panels and the fine parquetry enhance the splendour of the interior. Behind the marble balustrade stands a statue of Cupid with a bow made in Italy in the late 18th century after an antique original. The hall was recreated and reopened to the public in 1985.
A. Elkina, N. Tretyakov

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